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Notice on Reducing Chinese Visa Fees

To facilitate personnel exchanges between China and foreign countries, the visa fees (express service fees not included) for visiting China will be reduced from 11 December 2023 to 31 December 2024. The revised visa fees are listed as follows:

Note*:According to the principle of reciprocity, there may be different visa fees for the citizens of certain other countries, final payment is subject to the actual amount charged. 

Visa applications accepted before 11 December will be charged at the original rate.

Contact details of the Chinese Consulate General in Cape Town: 0027-725280283 (service hours: from 10am to 12pm, 2 pm to 4pm on working days),

Contact details of Chinese Visa Application Service Center in Cape Town:0027- 878085507,

Chinese Consulate General in Cape Town

               8 December 2023

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